Employer Nomination Scheme

The Employer Nomination Scheme, or ENS, allows Australian employers to sponsor skilled individuals for permanent residency in Australia.

Those individuals can be either:

  • Highly skilled workers from overseas, or
  • Highly skilled temporary residents who are currently in Australia.

The latter tend to be those who have been working for an employer on a subclass 457 visa, or as Working Holiday visa holders.

Permanent visaholders are subject to Australian tax on their worldwide income and capital gains, and there are fewer opportunities for salary packaging compared with the 457 visa.

The ENS visa application process involves an:

  • Australian employer nominating a skilled position, and
  • The skilled individual applying for the grant of a permanent residency visa.

Processing times for this category of visa once the paperwork has been lodged with the Department of Immigration are typically several weeks, although this can be significantly reduced through the appointment of a registered migration agent, and submitting a Decision Ready Checklist with the nomination and visa applications – these would usually be submitted to the Department of Immigration together.



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